History at Kozmo Luxury Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
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Kozmo is a unique bourgeois building and a historical landmark as it was the largest telecommunications centre of its time.

Original features still remain today as this is a protected property.

The classic luxury it presents is unexpected, as is the excellence that characterises Leading Hotel of the World members; all combined with the best 5-star service.

The reason why this imposing reddish building, whose lobby presides over a majestic staircase, is a landmark is in part because it housed the Eastern and Central Europe telecommunications service.

It also has a spire-shaped tower with 360º views of Budapest.

As it is the tallest building in the vicinity, there are views of Buda Castle and the Citadel from the concealed viewpoint on the top floor.

Kozmo is characterised by modern, yet luxurious and elegant design.

Art is on display throughout its rooms and common areas, including photography by Carlos Cánovas and work by Lluis Lléo in the application of the “al fresco” painting technique.