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Wellness Space

Spa, sauna, heated indoor pool, massages, beauty treatments and fitness area.


Local gastronomic culture with the flavours of the most iconic international dishes.

Meetings and Events

Celebrate your special moments and hold your business meetings with us.


One of this hotel´s enjoyable surprises, its central courtyard. The perfect place to enjoy the peace of the space and a cocktail menu that features both daring creations and the classic cocktails. With the backdrop of the best music selected by our music curators.

Exclusive Services
Concierge. The perfect definition of an exquisite luxury personalised service. Our mission is excellence through passion and work to make your dreams come true.

Other services of interest

The quality of the services is designed to ensure that our customers enjoy maximum comfort.
Guest Experience

Exclusive service to create personalised experiences tailored to each guest’s needs.

Valet Parking

Exclusive valet parking service

Airport Transfer

Exclusive transfer from the airport with a high-end vehicle. Give us your flight details and we will do the rest.

Room Service

Available 24 hours a day for whatever you might need or want.


Kozmo provides Wi-Fi to its customers throughout the building completely free of charge.

Wellness & Fitness Area

Our Spa & Wellness Center keeps the elegant style present in every corner of Kozmo.  We give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a complete experience and escape from the stress and noise of the city centre.  The perfect combination of Health and Beauty, a temple of wellness.


It offers its customers exclusive treatments with prestigious firms such as Valmont and Adrienne Feller, in a perfect haven of peace and relaxation.  A paradise equipped with a spa with a swimming pool, a sensation and contrast shower, a sauna and a relaxation area.


Valmont. A true expert in combating the effects of aging. More than 30 years providing the unique Swiss cellular cosmetics experience, with treatments that offer instant, lasting results of unprecedented quality.


Thanks to an exclusive unique extraction process, present in Valmont beauty treatments, it strengthens and stimulates cells suffering the effects of the passage of time and external aggressions to reveal sublime, youthful, radiant skin.


Adrienne Feller. ADRIENNE FELLER cosmetics are unique, luxurious, natural and organic products that contribute to the well-being of the skin and the soul at the same time.


Hungarian herbs, plant extracts, high quality oils, essential oils and flower essences are used. They nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, support the body´s self-healing processes and act harmoniously for the soul thanks to their special composition.


They are easily absorbed into the skin and cells and fill it with a revitalising effect.


Our luxury Spa method assesses each customer individually, assigning the programme required to each profile and achieving excellent results, as well as providing training on the physical exercise, nutrition, hydration and health and beauty treatments needed.


Go to the treatments catalogue.


We also have a 24-hour training room equipped with a variety of cardiovascular equipment, as well as step machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes and treadmills; everything you need to renew yourself and get toned. Customise your exercise routine with functional training equipment.


The reinterpretation of Hungarian gastronomy

Kozmo´s restaurants and gastronomic spaces provide a vast culinary offer at all levels. Hotel guests can enjoy 24-hour room service as well as a full varied buffet breakfast each morning.



A space set in golden tones, in keeping with the elegance of the building as a whole, where you can enjoy show cooking during the day and see your dishes being prepared.

A special corner to meet up or stay, where you can have an aperitif or the last drink of the day.

Menu Bistro


Oyster Bar

Access to the Oyster Bar from the hotel´s lobby through a majestic staircase lined in gold is the perfect setting to enjoy our dinners and celebrate a special moment… where caviar, oysters and champagne are the stars in our mission to delight our customers and their five senses.

An exceptional gastronomic experience in the best of Budapest´s environments.


Wine list: We offer a wide range of wines from the best emerging wineries around the world.


Breakfast: Start the day with a wide selection of international cheeses and cold cuts, freshly- baked local delicacies, natural juices and hot à la carte dishes.








Fitness Spa